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How I Came to Record an Album

I received a guitar for my 21 st birthday from my parents- and within a year I started penning my own songs and playing them to friends and family. 

Over the past ten years I have amassed a reasonable collection. 

After a shoulder injury caused me to be out of action from rugby for several months, my wife,Siwan, bought me some time to record at Cotyso Studios in Manchester; where I was able to record 16 of my own tracks with the guidance of Stuart and Carl, which I really enjoyed doing. 

We decided to keep the music organic giving it some nostaligic feel allowing the songs to tell their stories, even though at times we was tempted to sit and make them musically perfect we to stuck with the real instruments and live feel. (stuart complained about my creaking chair in the end we left that in also!)

We added more instrumentation and harmonies as well as in some cases transposing the tracks to piano only. We have tried to keep the songs simple and relaxed.

Live version "Miss you" from new album 

Full album available September 2012 Guitar and vocals: Andrew Sheridan
Backing vocals: Suzannah Smith, Stuart leadbetter , Guitar: Stuart Leadbetter and Carl Stepitec, 
Piano and strings: Carl stepitec. All the songs written by Andrew Sheridan
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